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    "Plavo more" is a travel agency with extensive, successful business in organizing pleasant and memorable activities and accommodation of foreign guests in our country.

    In order to display all the beauties and possibilities for a pleasant stay in our country we developed a large offer of hunting tourism. Respecting the tradition of hunting in our country with special emphasis on the specifics of hunting indifferent areas of our country, we have developed a comprehensive range of customized needs of foreign tourists hunters.

    Primarily we strive to provide the most enjoyable hunting of wildlife species accesible in our country. We also organize hunting in a way to ensure our guests to hunt traditionally, adjusted to each type of game, specifically. Our organisation also tends to give the hunting the dimension of hundred years tradition combined with contemporary attractiveness, which is based on respect for wildlife, caring for nature and environment, as well as on the need for relaxation and hunting pleasure.

    Hunting in our arrangement includes the opportunity to get acquainted with historical sites, natural beauty, human achievements, and the general cooking and entertainment, all in order to promote the beauty of our country.
    Our role is to provide you a truly enjoyable hunting in Croatia,the country's rich hunting tradition, attractive hunting areas and diverse wildlife.

2011. á Fotografije su preuzete iz kataloga poduzeŠa "Hrvatske Üume" te sa stranice agencije "J&P agent" u svezi Ŕega izra×avamo posebnu zahvalnost.