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  • Petrova Gora

    • EURASIAN WOODCOCK (lat. Scolopax rusticola) 
    • in the Central Croatia (hunting ground near VojniŠ), 
    • in a period from 30th September till 28th February 
    • possibility of accommodation in hotels, hunting mansion and in private accommodation 
    • price 100€ per day, the price includes refreshments during the hunt and wild caught, while the price does not include the hunting licenece fees of 200 kn and permission for entry of weapons to Croatia in the amount of 105 kn, including 2 pieces of weapons and the necessary ammunition. Additional activities as agreed during the trip or hunt, as well as possibilities for theorganization favorable lunchesand dinners out hunting, or a meal out of the package of accommodation and eating.









    Republic of Croatia represents a unique natural environment where on a relatively small area one can find great variety of nature phenomena, all tied in the wonderful bond of the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonia. Croatia is a country of arich hunting tradition, attractive hunting areas and diverse wildlife.

    Croatia possesses numerous undisturbed natural oases wherein there abide all three of great European predators: bear, wolf and lynx.

    The hunting ground Podunavlje-Podravlje was established in 1697. when Eugen of Savoy received the estates from the emperor Leopold I. It was founded in 1870 when Count Marko Bombelles delivered a large number of pheasants from South Moravia and set aside land for organised hunting.

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