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  • Organization

    This agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to an individual’s orentity’s participation in hunting.

    1. Reservation
    Hunting is booked and confirmed after „Hunting agreement“ is signed and delivered to us.Beside the agreement you need to pay deposite fee which is 20% of total amount of hunting package.

    2. Hunting flow
    Hunting guest is obliged to carry identification documents, a valid hunting license, gun license and to behave according to hunting laws of the country. The customer will be guided to make the shooting only after the approval of guideline. Inexceptional circumstances when a customer is without guidline, need to hunt only according to the instructions of the leaders of the hunt.

    3. Payment
    Ticketing service in the hunt will take place immediately after completion of your hunton the "Hunting protocol" document, that will be base to create an account. Hunting protocol would be filled in into Croatian, English or German, by the tenant hunting in the presence of the hunting guest and authenticity confirmed by its signatures. Claims would take into consideration only if are stated in hunting protocol and signed by the tenant hunting and hunting guest.

    4. The agency's obligations as a tour operator and agent
    Hunting agreement – by signing the agreement hunting agency is obligated to obtain a hunting guest set of services from accommodation, transportation, travel insurance, hunting and other hunting services. Hunting guest agrees to pay committeed price to the hunting agency for respective service.Voucher / invitation, inpersonal information about customer plans to use.
    Protecting the rights and interests of hunting guest - hunting agency is obliged tog ive hunting guest services specified in the contract, or voucher, and take care of the interests and rights of hunting guest is according to good business practices in this area. Hunting agency will inform the customer about all relevant formalities for travel,visas, airline schedules, etc. and to make reservations if the customer requests i
    the guests, the Hunting agreement. Vaucher contains date of issuance and all services that the

    5. Hunter guest responsibility
    The responsibility of the guest hunter for damages - hunting guest is responsible for the damage it inflicts on the tour for non-performance by him arising from the Hunting agree mentor not according the Tourism law.
    The obligation to comply with the laws and customs of hunting - hunting guest shall comply with the hunting laws and customs of the country where hunting and bear all costs of non-compliance with these laws.

    6. Special rights and obligations of hunting agency and hunting guest
    When the reservation is confirmed we will send Trip Itinerary to hunting guest with all details.

    In case you cancel a trip up to 90 days from the beginning of the journey, we give refund minus a service agency fee. For cancellation up to 60 days from the beginning of the journey we allow the return of 50% deposit minus the service agency fee. In case of cancellation in less than 60 days we reserve the deposit fee and we reserve the right to cancel the trip if circumstances occur that could not be predicted or shop around for them.

    8. Change the contract price and program changes
    We reserve the right to change the contract price if there is a change in exchange rates or tariffs of the carrier. Also we reserve the right to change the program.

    9. Early termination of the trip
    If the trips terminated before the give refunds for unused services end, whatever the reason, we do not

    10. Eligibility stipulated regulations
    Hunting the customer is responsible to him personally, his personal paper sand his luggage are eligible provided the border, customs, sanitary, monetary and other administrative regulations.

    11. Travel insurance
    To all our clients we offer travel insurance, accident insurance and baggage insurance.

    Republic of Croatia represents a unique natural environment where on a relatively small area one can find great variety of nature phenomena, all tied in the wonderful bond of the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonia. Croatia is a country of arich hunting tradition, attractive hunting areas and diverse wildlife.

    Croatia possesses numerous undisturbed natural oases wherein there abide all three of great European predators: bear, wolf and lynx.

    The hunting ground Podunavlje-Podravlje was established in 1697. when Eugen of Savoy received the estates from the emperor Leopold I. It was founded in 1870 when Count Marko Bombelles delivered a large number of pheasants from South Moravia and set aside land for organised hunting.